Our Favorite Preserved Wreath Making Supplies

Preserved WreathWhether you’re looking to add to your holiday decor or wanting to freshen up your space, a floral wreath makes a beautiful addition to any home. A wreath looks lovely hanging on your front door, over a fireplace mantel, or as the focal point of your dining room. They can be made out of a variety of fresh, faux, or dried materials.

If you’re looking to start making wreaths for yourself and your friends, there are some wreath making supplies that every wreath maker needs in their supply cabinet. You will be creating wreaths that wow your friends and look like they cost a lot of money to make in no time at all.

Wreath making supplies can be found at any craft supply store or even a discount store. No matter what style of wreath you’re looking to create, we’ve got a few tips and tricks on how to select the best tools you need to make a fabulous wreath. So, invite your friends over for a wreath making party and get ready to start crafting!

Wreath Forms

There are several different things you can use for the base of your wreath. You can use grapevine, foam, straw, wire, or a hoop. The type of base you choose depends on the style you’re going for.

Foam wreaths come in either green or white. Covering the foam can be done in a lot of different ways. You can wrap it in ribbon, cover it in greenery, and have it overflowing with gorgeous floral buds.

The lightweight foam makes it easy to hang once you have it loaded with all of the decorations. You can adhere the flowers with long floral pins or hot glue.

The grapevine wreath form is the most popular choice for wreath designers. The brown and woven wreaths make for a rustic or natural-looking decoration. One of the good things about grapevine wreaths is you don’t have to worry about completely covering the wreath base.

Having some exposed twigs only adds to your wreath. It’s easy to secure your flowers and greenery to the twigs as you can tuck them in between branches and add a little bit of glue.

Wire wreath forms can be very inexpensive to purchase. You can often find them in the craft section at your local dollar store. These are popular for wreaths made with live flowers, not dry or fake. Floral foam can be easily tucked into the wires of the wreath and are very sturdy.

Check with a flower shop to buy flowers in bulk to jazz up your wreath with seasonal blooms.

Preserved Wreath

A bright wreath made out of natural foliage is a great decoration for any season. Tie a gold ribbon and some red berries on it for the winter season, and then swap that out for pastel colors in the spring.

If you’re trying to figure out how to make a preserved wreath, it’s fairly straightforward. Get around 100 clippings of boxwood, ensuring that the leaves are unblemished and vivid green.

Grab a wire wreath ring, some floral wire, clippers, and a hammer. In order to make the preserving solution, you’ll need glycerine, Absorbit Stem Dye in Holiday Green, citric acid, warm water, and a big tub.

After you apply the glycerine dye solution to the boxwood clippings, leave them in the tub for 10 to 14 days, or until the solution evaporates. The boxwood should look glossy and flexible. Wrap the boxwood stems around your wreath form, adhering it with the floral wire.

The end result of a preserved boxwood wreath is an elegant decoration that can be decorated with different colors of ribbons or accents to coordinate with your own decor or holiday season.

If you’re looking for where you can buy boxwood, check with a florist in your area. You never know what type of greenery they have in the greenhouse.

Hoop Wreath

For an elegant take on the floral wreath, explore using a metal hoop as your base. This specific wreath uses faux greenery and flowers, which is great if you have seasonal allergies and ensures your project will keep looking fabulous for months to come.

Choose one flower to be the main focal point in your wreath. You’ll also want to get some greenery and filler flower pieces. You’ll also need the usual wreath making supplies: floral wire, ribbon, scissors, hot glue gun, and cutters.

Cut your flower sprigs and greenery to the lengths of your choosing. Arrange them along the bottom of the hoop, seeing what layout you like the best. No matter what style of wreath you choose to make, it’s always good to lay everything out before you wire or glue pieces in to make sure you’re happy with how it looks.

Once you’re satisfied, wrap the pieces of greenery in first using your floral wire. Use the hot glue gun when needed. Add in your filler flowers, ensuring you just wrap the stem. Put your final flower off to the side or wherever you think looks best.

To finish, tie your ribbon to the top for hanging and proudly display it.

Make Sure You Have the Basic Wreath Making Supplies

If you have all the nuts and bolts of wreath making supplies, all you’ll need to get is whatever wreath form and florals you want to go with. Already having the wire cutters, floral wire, and any other basic tools you’ll need will mean you’ll get to go straight to the fun part – designing and creating your wreath.

Your imagination is the only thing limiting you in creating beautiful pieces of decor that can be displayed for a certain season or holiday, or even all year round. Don’t be limited by just using faux flowers and greenery. There are many fresh flowers that would make a lovely wreath.

Contact us at Newcastle Fleur to see what seasonal flowers we have in the greenhouse. We’d love to deliver you some of our bouquets for your next wreath-making party.

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