Top Wedding Flower Trends of 2021

Whether you’re looking for traditional white and blushes for your wedding florals, or a muted pallet with a pop of something special, the top wedding trends of 2021 have a little something for everyone planning a wedding. Wedding flowers are really the show stealer of most events. They add to the feeling in the air, they can make the day more joyful, nostalgic, vintage, or classic.

If you’re looking to start your dream vision yourself or plan on the curated eye of a designer there are trends in the floral industry that would be a good idea to take a peek at.   The trends of the year fall in a few different areas; there is the tired and true pallet of whites and blushes with every flower lovers, darling, and go to Dahlias with the emphasis on the gorgeous Cafè Au Late. We are seeing trends in the dried and preserved flowers and pods that create such a unique feel to the ambiance of an event in any location.

Blushes Whites and Créme, the Neutral Wedding Pallet

Color is always and will be forever a staple in 2021 wedding flower trends, there is something beautiful in an understated neutral pallet. While the focus isn’t laid on “one” bammer bloom the crème and white pallet offer it’s uniqueness to textures with slight and subtle color variations.

The color white represents balance and peace, so after the year we all have had now in our past, balance and peace is right up our ally. Along with, one of my personal favorites Pompas Grasses, wholesalers have started bleaching leafy plants in lieu of using and leafy greens, eucalyptus etc. The washed-out look lends itself to an ethereal feel, and who wouldn’t want to be at that soriée. The end result gives you the free-spirited look of a loose arrangement. For the couple who might lean a little bit more to the side of eccentric. The effect; using a pop of color with the neutral muted pallet, use flowers in various shades of white or ivory, and then add texture by other botanicals, like pampas grass or bunny tails, add in a leaf of color-bleach -died bight pink palm. I’d be speechless.

Dried and Preserved Flower Arrangments

Dried and preserved flowers have been around for sometime, I used dried rosemary from our property on our place settings almost 7 years ago. They have taken quite a turn from the dried lavender bunches given to the flowers girls. With dried bouquets comes an endless use of our florals. After a flower blooms out, the pods of Nigella and Poppies leave behind the most strange and unique dried pod, a texture and look that is almost alien. Added to dried greenery, pampas grass, and proteas these are all gaining traction when it comes to bohemian, minimalistic, and even classic aesthetics. At Newcastle Fleur we supplied a DIY Bride with a bucket of our preserved cress, pompas, nigella pods. The very aesthetically creative bride made all her own preserved bouquets and arrangements, all spun out an ethereal, rustic, timeless, day. Stunning.

Wildflower and Garden-Party-Inspired Arrangements

Over the years the tightly bound rose bouquets, have had their moments in an NYC cathedral, perhaps in the hands of Carrie Bradshaw. That time is over and has been over for some time. Loosely arranged garden style bouquets are not new to us at Newcastle Fleur, yet they are becoming more of a staple. The loosely gathered airy floral arrangements are here to stay, and that’s great news for us because that’s what we do best. Multiples of textures and heights for flowing waterfall effects, can come in any Pallet. With our fields of flowers ever changing throughout the seasons, Pallets and Mood (ei. joyful, nostalgic, ethereal, vintage) are the staples in which our brides decide how their vision will not only look, but also almost more importantly feel.

Statement Wedding Backdrops

Smaller weddings are here to stay—at least for now—yet the trends in wedding statement backdrops are not going anywhere. In fact, over-the-top arrangements will be one of the most popular 2021 wedding flower trends, since they’re a great way to enhance a celebration. We have create many beautiful floral pieces for the A-Frame arch, to floating pieces set over the couple ceremony large rectangle and/or moon gate structures with full floral coverage, as well as huge floral installations, ceiling installations, and flower walls. Adding a little bit, or a lot of Pow makes for an absolutely breath-taking exchanging of vows.

Grown Seasonal Flowers

Locally grown and seasonal flowers are another 2021 wedding flower trend we expect to stick around. Not only are they readily available for last-minute elopements, outdoor weddings, and civil ceremonies, but also they add to the laid-back vibe that many couples are embracing. Flowers like nigella, poppies, zinnias, Queen Anne’s lace, sunflowers, and snapdragons are a few favorites.

The shift in trends can be one of many things. Weddings can have a multiple meanings for every couple. With the heaviness of 2020 weddings have become more intimate and perhaps not so formal (looking). There is a need of light-hearted, intimacy with family friends. We have all had an interesting year, some of it very hard, some of it surprisingly healing. A chance to reflect on what truly matters to us in this life we are leading. Embrace the change, embrace the simple elegance of flowers, the perfectly imperfection that is life.

Find a style that authentically embraces the couple and tweak it a little. Make it your very own. Remember flowers are an accent of your day; they help create the vibe of your event. As long as all of that speaks to your authentic self there is really nothing that is stressful about flowers. That is the beauty behind them.

Contact us at Newcastle Fleur to see what seasonal flowers we have in the greenhouse. We’d love to help in any way we can to make your day effortlessly beautiful,

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